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“Jus’to Love”: mission and vision - VERSIONE ITALIANA  bandiera ita

Jus'to Love  has been borned to give an answer to a neccesity.

In the city and surrounders, the offer of vegeterian food  was nill, until a year ago. Now exists a little vegan bar (around 2012). Others have been taken note if this interesting possibility.

The idea to create “Jus'to Love” and to present a Business Plan to a contest for Women-Enterprices, organized by the Tuscany Region during the period 2007-2013, has given us a  chance to introduce into the culinary ambiance of Pisa in a new way of life that is not really new.

During many years, I have been vegeterian, mix-vegetarian, finally I became vegan. The evolution of almost 35 years have been always positive. Indeed, I know by own experience that to nourish vegetarians is enjoyable and delicious. Even the market prices could be more atractive, also to elaborate home-made specialities, compiting with meat products. Frenzees, there will not be any contamination with metano gas, produce by the cows, also avoiding the masiv diet and unneccesary mistreatment of this ones, the energetic cost and ecological impact that it caused.

The “Jus'to Love” intentions, is to prepare natural-drinks, mixed-fruits, natural fruit-shakes as already existing in many places around the world. To taste it in any season, a big offer of fresh and natural fruits combinated with vegetarian burger, mantaining fairs prices, accesible to middle customer, as tourists, students, vegetarians, vegans, also for celiachies, inviting them to change their nourish costumes and to follow-up the Mediterranean diet in “vegetarian way”.

Another idea of “Jus'to Love” is to introduce the origins of the Etrusc in this part of Italy called Tuscia, which is also reflected in the own-original created Logo. At the same time, to diffuse the poet Leopardi, one of the most well know Italian Poets, who is remembered thruth his love to Pisa. It is easy to notice that Leopardi was not a desparate lover of Silvia, neither a sad nor lonely man, as it was mentioned. For us, Leopardi has fallen in loved and it was fascinated by this little city, where he lived and could resumed up by itself (and surroundings), all the flavour and tradition of a Tuscany town with plenty history.

Until some years ago, it was possible to find in the ground of Campanile (leaning tower of Pisa), archeologicals remains of the Etrusc civilitation. Now a day it is well know that scavations from the Roman-time has been found.

As a matter of fact, it is to add the exceptional weather, the particular character of the people, their traditions, the original products, all this great mix to be facinated by Pisa, Its charm, the marveolluos painted sky with the beatiful, incredibles colors on each day/or sunset at the Lung'arno.

Their festivities make that “Jus'to Love” gathers itself an ensemble of Love, Poesy, tastes and colors of this Tuscany magical place.